Business Owner's Guide to Achieving a Well-Deserved Maternity Leave

Imagine being the backbone of your business and getting ready to take your Maternity Leave? Did your head just spin thinking about that?

How do you ensure your business can thrive in your absence while you savor precious moments with your newborn? I'm here (and it sounds like you are too) to tell you that I could help you with this juggling act -- and with ease.

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In the United States, 1 in 3 women-owned businesses is owned by a mother. *


You may be the primary provider for your family, which would make your Maternity Leave seem like an elusive luxury. Have you asked yourself (and probably more than once, if you are anything like me) - "how am I going to carve out space for myself and my family when so much relies on me?"

This was all too familiar to me when I was three years into my entrepreneurial journey, and my first son, Frank was born.

I had a dedicated team, and still felt the weight of responsibilities lingering. The pressure that I felt to stay connected to my business, even in the delivery room, is something that I would not want any mother to experience. It is something that still haunts me.

Was I choosing my business baby over my actual baby?

The fact that that was even a question was my turning point. I had a major shift in my mindset and knew that I needed a different approach to raising my business baby.


Crucial Milestones: What did I do differently in my second Maternity Leave?

 #1 Finances: The Foundation of a Successful Leave

 Financial stability became my priority. 

If you are anything like me, I encourage raising revenue and considering ways to alleviate administrative burdens. Building that financial cushion is a gradual process - and it is hard work! It requires discipline with habits and forward-thinking financial planning.

The success of a business is grounded in its financial strength. 

#2 Operations: Streamlining for Success

Being able to identify and structure an operations program quickly became my second crucial step. 

Building a reliable team is key. Being able to develop standard operating procedures will help navigate the 80/20 rule that I recommend focusing on with clients. Streamlining operations not only is going to ease you into Maternity Leave, but also will lay the groundwork for sustainable business growth -- which is the ultimate goal here, right?

Identifying and structuring an operations function is going to allow your business to run smoothly even when you are not so hands on. 


#3 Core Drivers: The Compass for Business Success

When I was able to fully understand the core drivers that moved my business forward, it was a light bulb moment for me. 

I cannot emphasize the significance of data enough. Moms, it is time to track key metrics. Lead conversion, sales cycle, and profitability are just a few to point you in the direction of analyzing your business's data. This approach brings on intentional decision making and ensures that limited time is spent on activities that are truly driving your business growth.

Aligning your efforts and focusing on what truly matters in your business is crucial for long term success. 

Implementing these game-changing strategies is neither quick nor easy, but if you trust me on anything -- this is it. These are tried and true methods that have led to significant business growth for me. 

So real quick, one more time...
1. Master finances
2. Streamline operations
3. Understand core business drivers


We are here to not only plan intentional Maternity Leaves, but to come back to a thriving business too. After all, this is still one of your babies! The goal is to make leaving my baby worth it, exciting, stress-free, and a catalyst for business progression.

Let's celebrate balancing the joys of motherhood with the demands of entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to take your Maternity Leave to the next level, then don't wait to check out my FREE Master Maternity Leave Planning Guide. Trust me, you are not going to want to miss this! 

Your friend,
Alyson Caffrey


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