Financial Planning: Why it's not going to make or break your Maternity Leave


To no surprise, your business's finances often take center stage, dictating the ebb and flow of success.


As the founder of Operations Agency, I'm here to share a truth that goes beyond the balance sheets-- a truth crucial to mastering your Maternity Leave. So, let's step beyond the dollars and dive into the heartbeat of your business.


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Debunking the Financial Myth


I'm here to tell you that finances are not everything when it comes to Maternity Leave. You can have the most successful profitable cash fueled and funded business. And it's not going to help remove you from the day-to-day operations.


A hefty bank account doesn't automatically translate to a well-oiled machine. 


The danger lies in overlooking the crucial role that systems play in sustaining and growing a business, even in times of financial abundance. Let me share a real-world scenario: recounting the anxiety of businesses during a banking crisis. While cash may seem abundant, it's the systems in place that ensure sustainability and resilience. 


Creating systems becomes paramount, guiding businesses to navigate uncertainties without resorting to panic-induced decisions. 


Personal Investment and Integration


You want to consider how integrated you are and how much that cash flow depends on you investing your time. 


Obviously with a lot of cash we have access to more resources, maybe more than others. What we don't want to do is just start throwing money at problems. That is a recipe to develop bad habits in our finances, and we definitely do not want that. One of the biggest things that I find to be true about really well-funded businesses is that we still really struggle to create systems around how that happens.


It's what we do with that money to turn it into more money that actually tells us we have a business.  


Let's challenge the assumption that a comfortable cash position allows for a hands-off approach. Regardless of financial standing, the focus on systems becomes a linchpin for success. I encourage you to view systems as a lifeline-- whether it's hiring contractors, building teams, or front-loading work-- to sustain and even enhance business operations during maternity leave. 


As you plan your Maternity Leave, remember this:
It's not just about the numbers in your bank account. The true magic lies in the systems that you create. 


Whether you find yourself in a financial haven or a lean period, investing in systems ensures your business thrives beyond your active involvement.


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Your friend,
Alyson Caffrey




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