How to prioritize to get ahead in your business


I’ve got some game-changing insights to share with my fellow business-owning moms out there who are gearing up for your maternity leave.


But let’s get real for a moment. Balancing business and motherhood can be a juggling act but does not have to be a messy one! No gatekeeping here - I am THRILLED to share the secret with you. Are you ready? It is the 90/90 Principle. Trust me on this one; it is the ace up your sleeve for planning your dream maternity leave.

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What is the 90/90 Principle?


Okay, good question. Let's break that down first.

The 90/90 Principle is SO simple, but SO powerful. (This is my kind of recipe!) You are going to dedicate 90 minutes of focused effort every day for 90 days. Mompreneurs, that's it. No crazy tasks that make you jump through hoops.


I used this very principle during my second maternity leave to not only build the maternity leave of my dreams, but also to write a book in just 90 days. Not bad, right?


How can you make it work for you?

 1. Focus is Key: Identify one area of focus for your 90-minute sessions. As business owners, we often spread ourselves thin and have many tabs open at once. (Yes, I have been guilty of this too many times). I had to learn quickly, for my sanity AND to keep my business successful. Having a singular focus ensures you're making meaningful progress.

2. Early Bird Gets the Worm: Who likes to get moving in the evening? Not me. Schedule your 90-minute session as early as possible in the day. It prevents the day from running away from you and helps you tackle your most critical tasks first. (Eat the frog!)

3. Share Your Mission: If you're collaborating with others, let them in on your 90/90 Focus. "It takes a village" does not stop at raising a family. Create built-in accountability and bonus points for encouraging your team to adopt their own 90/90 sessions for maximum productivity. 


How can this help with your Maternity Leave?


Whether you are writing a book, optimizing business processes, or planning out your dream maternity leave, the 90/90 Principle is your golden ticket. Imagine having 90 minutes daily to create operational transparency in your business or to focus on tasks that will make your transition into maternity leave seamless?


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Your friend,
Alyson Caffrey


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