Top 3 Must Haves: When preparing for a self-employed Maternity Leave

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Are you ready? Because I’m here to spill the tea on how you can not only handle maternity leave, but absolutely own it. 

We’re about to turn your self-employed maternity leave from a small pause into a powerhouse of growth.

Did you ever think that you would be on a journey where your business success and baby cuddles would collide? Yeah, I didn’t think that existed either, but I am here to tell you that I am walking proof of the best of both worlds.


Short on time? Check out my YouTube Channel for a speedy overview of the three crucial must-haves to prep for self-employed maternity leave.


I have a top three, non-negotiable preparation list for a successful maternity leave. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear this. 


#1 Transparency is key.

Let’s talk about the where’s and how’s of transparency. I’ve been in your shoes, and I totally get it. Juggling between running (and growing) your business and taking on a new role by being a mom. 


Centralizing your company’s essentials is the secret sauce to balance business finesse with that newborn baby snuggles.

Ease your mind by answering the fundamental "where is X?" question, you pave the way for a much smoother transition. This is going to reduce potential disruptions during your maternity leave. 

#2 Project management mastery.

Time to be a boss from afar. I'll show you how to project-manage like a superhero, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives during your leave. 

Working to stay ahead on projects and minimizing your involvement in essential tasks is a total game changer. 

Imagine handling 10 new clients the day you welcome your little one—sounds crazy? Not with our project management mastery. 

#3 Embrace clear data.

Let’s be honest, as a recovering control freak, I know the value of data. 

Discover how a solid data tracking system keeps you in the loop without constant involvement. It's your secret weapon to a peaceful leave and a confident. 

Reclaim control by embracing clear data, allowing you to enjoy late-night baby feedings while still keeping an eye on your business's pulse.


Did you get all of that? Let me recap for you…
1. Transparency is essential.
2. Be proficient in project management
3. Embrace the power of clear data 

Boss moms, self-employed maternity leave is more than a break. It is a perfect chance for growth.

Follow along with me for more firsthand tips, tricks, and stories from myself and other women who’ve rocked the business-mom life. Life is hard enough - preparing for maternity leave should not be. Grab my FREE Maternity Leave Planning Guide to kick off your journey of your dream maternity leave – you deserve it!

Your Friend,
Alyson Caffrey


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