Why you should practice taking time away from your business

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There is no way around it - planning a maternity leave when owning your own business is terrifying. How are you going to experience one of the biggest life changing events, like having a baby, AND then take time away from your business?

Okay, here is the secret sauce: Practice taking time off. 

Practicing taking time from your business is straightforward yet incredibly effective. It is without a doubt the key to building the bandwidth you need to step away with confidence.


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The Sabbatical Method

Did you get a chance to read my book,
The Sabbatical Method?

The big idea: how to ROI on rest as a business owner.

Quick version: I get into how practicing time away from your business can build a business that can thrive without you. Start small – this can look like taking short walks, shutting down your computer at 6 pm., and get those micro-doses of rest.


It is like building a muscle that will make your business thrive even when you’re not in the driver’s seat.


I have some GREAT tips for Moms on the Move:


  1. Weekend Getaways: I challenge you to take FULL weekends off. (Yes, it can be right in your own home!) Trust me, I know it is tempting to tackle that inbox on a Saturday morning, but the weekend recharge is worth it.

  2. Evening Bliss: Block evening time for yourself. Whether it’s a quiet walk or shutting down your computer, make it a daily ritual to recalibrate.

  3. The Dry Run: Planning for maternity leave? Take a practice week or a few days off before the big day. It's a game-changer – your team gets a feel for handling things, and you get peace of mind.


A Lighter, Brighter Maternity Leave

By taking those walks, embracing the weekend vibes, and giving your team a taste during a dry run, you're setting the stage for a smoother transition.


By implementing these practices, you're not just planning maternity leave; you're mastering it.


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Your friend,
Alyson Caffrey

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